Holidays Are Over…

Sort Of

The Christmas and New Year’s season is at an abrupt end for some. For my peers and I, we put aside memories of presents and fireplaces in exchange for a more productive mindset of research paper and foreign language. Fortunately due to the wonders of taking college classes in high school, my schedule is a little different and certainly more relaxing for the time being. Until my classes start, I only have to show up to the high school for the last two periods of the day. In actuality, due to loneliness and boredom, I have been spending my time after school with anything but leaving on my mind either playing in the jazz band, or simply hanging out in the band room. Old habits die hard. Plus, is there really a good reason to ever leave the band room?

Cool, You’re A Nerd, So What?

Because of all that, my break, at least in my eyes, is still going on as I don’t have to show up to school until 1 and class gets out at 2:30. However today everyone got a little taste of the break we put behind ourselves for two days and we had a snow day. Has there been snow on my roads all day? No. But due to the nature of rural Appalachia, there certainly are many of my peers whose roads will never see the deafening salvation of a snow plow. As such, in the true fashion of the administration these days, we were given the treat of a 5:30AM phone call that contained a whimsical poem to tell us of the cancellation. So here we are. Big whoop.

To be completely honest, I don’t actually know why I’m writing any of this, I guess I just kinda felt like I should do something on this day off so here I am. Or maybe it’s just because I’m procrastinating on starting a research paper. Beowulf anyone?

But Ian, Why Should We Care?

But readers, why are you here?


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