I’m Back. And It’s About Time.

So What Happened?

I’ve been thinking back and forth whether or not I, when I get back into doing this, should address the fact that it’s been about four months since my last activity. The easy thing to do is just not do it. But I’m a little less lazy than that. Not much less, but enough.

So what brings me from then until now? Time for a little update I guess. Well actually a lot has happened. Band happened then ended. I applied to colleges, waited, then was accepted. I went and played in some different musical groups in my area. Overall I’ve tried to make my life easier I suppose but there is always more on the way.

So What About Now?

I’ve decided to stop having such an easygoing schedule at school and signed up for some more advance courses at my local college. That being said, It’s not like I didn’t accomplish anything during this semester. Two of my proudest achievements are in a small engine class that I took, and in a media design class. The small engine class was pretty straightforward, my engine ran at the end of the semester and looked pretty darn good. The media creation class and everything I learned in it can be summed up in my final project for it. Before you go ahead and watch it. I should apologize in advance at how absolutely atrocious it is. Well here it goes…

See what I mean? Beautiful isn’t it. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be significantly more active on here in the coming weeks. Till next time.

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