Once Again, I’m Back.

So it’s been about a year… “Back again”

I have to say, I think I’ve been doing pretty well for myself. I took up running, got accepted into college, went there, joined the marching band, completed a semester, got a job, and all sorts of other neat things. From an outside perspective, I guess you could say I’m thriving. At least that’s what I tell myself and it seems to work. Also, as a side-note, I hope to bring back my blog with a monumentally lower dose of cringe than before. So yay!

Running you say?

Like all lifestyle changes you pick up that surprised everyone around you almost as much as yourself, there was a girl involved. That’s about all there is to say about that. But I can say that running stuck around in my life and continues to make me a better person. I never really thought that I’d be the running type. In fact I was definitely large kid up until late high school. In 7th grade gym class I wasn’t even to complete the mile run(definitely walk) in one class period. However, during my senior year of high school I quickly learned that I not only enjoyed running, but was almost good at distance.

For a while running was my emotional coping mechanism. Which was great when I needed it. I was forced to process my thoughts while my brain was being flooded with “we just need to survive this” signals from high mileage runs. Unfortunately, as my mental health improved, I found it harder and harder to run. Now I run almost exclusively alone and for physical health reasons. Bottom line, band camp kicked my ass in the fall, and I was coming off of being able to run 10 miles just because I felt like it. So if I have any hope of surviving next year, I need to keep it up. P.S. to any of my irl friends using my blog as social blackmail material, I could use some running buddies.

Where am I?

Nice try FBI man. I’m currently  a freshman in Computer Science at Purdue University. It is quite honestly my dream school. I was a little miffed when I got my placement in an off campus auxiliary housing instead of the dorms though. Please allow me to bitch for a second:

<rant>I had always been somewhat excited at the idea of dorm life. So when I was placed in an apartment two miles from the edge of campus, I optimistically thought it was just a temporary thing. But as it got closer and closer to move-in, and when I was assigned 3 roommates out here, my fate became more clear. I’m part of a university-run apartment addition called Blackbird Farms that houses about 200 freshman males. Mostly undecided and international per a press release from the university. Welcome to Sausage Farms.

To add additional fury, my apartment wasn’t even done being built yet when I arrived on campus, so I spent the first 3 days living in temp housing while they put appliances in (but not paint, because who want’s paint?). Also, likely due to the name of the complex, all the roads are named after birds. And all of those roads are named after the correct spelling of their eponymous bird. Except for one. Kestral Boulevard. Ugh. </rant>

However, even though it might seem obviously not the case, I am over that. This is due to two major things: a giant kitchen, and my own washer and dryer. Also a walk in closet larger than some dorms helps. So I really promise I’m over it… I’ve fallen in love with being able to cook in a real kitchen and begin my collection of cookery. There exists a stereotype that little girls dream about their perfect wedding until they have it. I on the other hand, dream about furnishing my kitchen some day. The cool feeling of imagined stainless steel appliances against my fingertips…. The reflection of my deep contentless in granite countertops… Someday.

 The B1G Sound — Blasting with Tone

My first experience on campus was that of band camp. 500 students trying to learn one of the most unnatural forms of locomotion every devised (looking at you Wisconsin): The Low Chair™. Marching in this way is really quite simple. You extend your thigh out to a 45 degree angle, and your calf follows straight down with a pointed toe. The only caveat is that you need to step lightly enough to be able to play while not looking like you’re riding a bicycle. The very first time we played the fanfare as a combined ensemble was simply incredible. We had a power behind our sound that was unlike any other ensemble I had played in before. After that ordeal was over, around 100 of us were cut-*ahem* transitioned to another ensemble and the remaining ones became part of the All American Marching Band. Myself Included.

Trips with my best friends

Almost all my friends are my section members or people I’ve met through band. It has most certainly been one of the best experiences I’ve had. If anyone reads this, and in the even unlikelier chance that they are on the fence about trying out, do it. Just two week ago we took a trip to play in the St. Patrick’s day in Dublin. Featuring 400 band kids spending a week exploring the more liquid aspects of Irish culture of course. I got to explore some of the most beautiful scenery I have laid my eyes on as well.

The regular marching band season ended with a bang over a truncated winter break with a bowl game. Somehow, our department was able to scrap up enough to get every member of the band to California for free. Even if our flights departed on Christmas Day, it was one of the coolest games I’ve ever played for. During the off season, I played in the women’s basketball band to keep my mellophone skills up. I also learned while doing this that I had an affinity for watching basketball. Who knew!



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