One Again, I’m Back: Part II

Okay so I’m really starting to see a pattern now. During the summer while on internship, I have lots of free time and write a lot on here. Then during the school year I barely have enough time to eat so I don’t. Now this strategy is great and all except that the block where I’m writing only lasts about 3 months. I guess this is just a roundabout way of saying once again, I’m temporarily back!

So what happened in the last 11 months you’re definitely not asking? I had a summer internship in Houston with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I flew back home far too many times during the summer, I came back for my sophomore year at Purdue, I went to Nashville with the band, I switched to the networking team at HPE, my classes tried to kill me, and I flew across the country to live in a shed all summer. I guess it feels a lot less eventful looking back than it probably was. Especially compared to my Freshman year.


So starting from the beginning of my recap, I Had a wonderful internship experience working with the hyperscale pursuit engineering team in Houston last summer. Before and after my time with them, I was working part time at a lab on campus at Purdue. I’m just going to document this here for when I forget about it come this fall: I was pushed to my limit and should not work again this fall semester. That being said, it wasn’t all bad. My move to networking allowed me to finally get off a 3 month summer intern project that turned into now a 17 month project. But hey, if you need to interface with Redfish management systems using python, I’m definitely your guy.


My sophomore year was spectacular. I lived with a friend from the mellophone section in the band as well as his roommate from freshman year. Overall it was a wonderful experience there and I’m glad to have done it. I ended up putting a lot of networking and tech in the dorm room that I probably shouldn’t have. I’ll have a writeup on that coming eventually. (for real this time!)

I spent a lot of time doing CS projects and rehearsing for marching band. So much in fact that I can’t really think of all that I did because I was so stressed out. In terms of cool school project that I did, I wrote printf in assembly, a memory allocator, a web server, and a shell. In terms of my free time I spent very little time in my apartment and was usually either out and about, eating, or at my girlfriends house. We made the horrible mistake to start watching Game of Thrones during finals week in the fall and only managed to get through halfway through the sixth season during the semester.

During the winter break I once again had the pleasure to travel to a bowl game with the band. This time however the outcome was significantly less enjoyable. I was very ill most of the time and was only fit to march during game day where we got clobbered by Auburn 14-63. As horrible as that was to watch, nothing will ever take away the pleasure of watching us pound OSU 49-20.


So the school year fizzled out with some grades that I guess I can live with. After finals I had two weeks to be home before I had to be in Santa Clara for my internship. In the early part of my first week back, I had a consultation to get my wisdom teeth out because they had started to bother me. I thought that I wouldn’t have to get the out until winter break but they were able to squeeze me in the following Monday. Just 5 days before I flew out. So I got them out and experienced the good dental drugs for the first time. Luckily I was feeling good enough try eating real food two days later and had a pretty unremarkable recovery.

The only thing that particularly sucked about being home was that I didn’t have any sort of housing lined up for the summer until a day before I flew out. Luckily however I am not in fact homeless. I’ll have a writeup about my housing coming in a separate post probably. The short of it is that I am basically living in someone’s converted shed with a bed and a shower. I guess this is just normal in the bay.

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