Paying Attention in Class — Sometimes Necessary

Apparently I’m Done With a Class a Week Early

So today I turned in what, after a confused talk with my TA, was the last assignment for a class I have. Now, normally this is quite possibly the most mundane thing imaginable to post to the world. But in my unmatched studiousness, I had managed to not realize it. I, in fact, thought that I still had to take a final in it. But apparently our midterm last week was actually the final. Which, now that I know this, explains why there was content from the entire semester on the exam.

Now before your palm becomes secured to your face, I have at least a weak excuse. This is an intro programming course for C. Although I have never taken a course in C before, I have however had an intro programming course now 4 times. One of which was in C++, which is a superset of C. To all the old C programmers that take offense to that last part, I acknowledge your complaint. So I had seen almost all of the material before. And quite honestly there are a whole host of other, more interesting things to be doing or thinking about for your first class of the morning.

Nonetheless, I am now done with assignments until finals. This means I’ll have time to pack my life up for Houston as well as have more time to myself. I’ll finally be able to get back into some of my favorite games, read a bit, and even put more content on here. To be completely honest I’m probably just going to spend most of my time watching Netflix and Youtube. At least I’ve managed to stress eat most of the snacks left in my pantry so I have nothing left to get fat on.


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