Slightly Farther from Undecided

I am just about as undecided as this leopard

Still Undecided, But Not Quite as Much

Undecided, yup that’s still me. Okay, so I know that there is legitimately no reason to actually be reading anything I put on the internet right now. Quite frankly there might never be. But I promise that I am getting closer to a concrete idea of what this will be. Some Ideas have been floating around my head and I guess maybe just for the sake of practice if anything I’ll put them down for you all.

Reviews: Tech, Movies, Shows, Pens, What Have You

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why does this stupid kid have an opinion that anyone should care about.” And you know what? I’m not really sure there is a good answer to that question. That being said a mentor of mine and someone I respect greatly recently told me how to answer that question in the most elegant way I could think of. “Why me? Because, I’m me!” Have some confidence for crying out loud! Humbleness aside (incoming cocky teenager talk)

I do happen to know quite a lot about technology and the current state of it. I spend inordinate amounts of time saturating myself with it. Netflix is not as much of my life as it could be, and probably for good reason. But I could probably provide nearly meaningful advice for like minded people. Pens… Okay I have a confession to make… I spent $1.94 a few weeks ago on a cheap Chinese fountain pen and It came yesterday. I haven’t had enough time to play around with it yet, and my handwriting isn’t good enough to make much use about it, but it was cheap and I had a moment of weakness so darnit I’m gonna take it to school a bit.

So as always, I don’t know why anyone is along for the ride, and I also am pretty sure no one actually is, but hey! There’s the slightest chance something could come of it.